In brief

Dr Devindra Sood is a Glaucoma Specialist whose clinical expertise for the last 25 years is limited to glaucoma in adults and children, advanced glaucomas requiring practical solutions and complicated glaucomas requiring advanced surgery. 

A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, he completed his medical and postgraduate training in ophthalmology from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, Tutorship in General Ophthalmology from Aravind Eye Hospital & Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Madurai (1995-96), Glaucoma Fellowship from L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad (1996-97) and Clinical Fellowship in Glaucoma from the Glaucoma Imaging Centre, New Delhi (1997-2000).

Dr Devindra Sood has been President of the Glaucoma Society of India (2018-2020).

His key professional achievements are


Key professional achievements

Year Award From Title
2022 Member
Advisory Council
Glaucoma Society of India


2021 Noel Moniz Memorial Lecture Cochin Ophthalmic Club

The Clinical Conundrum: Managing Glaucoma Patients in the Digital

2020 Prof. A. N. Pandeya Oration Bihar Ophthalmological Society

Aequanimitas in a Glaucoma Practice in India

2017 Dr Mohan Lal Oration Aligarh Ophthalmological Society 2017

Optic Disc Evaluation in Glaucoma: The mistakes I often made

2013 UKSOS Gold Medal Uttarakhand State
Ophthalmological Society

For “Excellence in Ophthalmology”

2010 Major SC Dutt Oration Ophthalmological Society of West Bengal

Practical Implications of Ongoing Research in Angle Closure
Glaucoma: India First

2003 Distinguished Resource Teacher Delhi Ophthalmological Society


1999 A.C. Agarwal Trophy Delhi Ophthalmological Society

Best Free Paper " Drug Induced Secondary Angle Closure Glaucoma"

1998 A.C. Agarwal Trophy Delhi Ophthalmological Society

Best Free Paper " Long term outcome of glaucoma combined procedures – a five-year retrospective analysis”

List of publications​

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Experience in glaucoma related activities

Name   Dr. Devindra Sood
Area of Clinical Expertise Glaucoma in adults Glaucoma in children
Refractory glaucomas
Advanced glaucomas requiring practical solutions
Complicated glaucomas requiring advanced surgery
Current Position
Glaucoma Society of India
Member, Advisory Board
Positions held in Glaucoma Society of India President (2018 – 2020)
Secretary (2010 – 2012)
Treasurer (2000 – 2002)
Years of Exclusive Glaucoma Practice Twenty five years (as on January 7, 2023)
Work Experience  
Glaucoma Clinic New Delhi November 2014 – November 2019
Director and Sr. Consultant
Glaucoma Imaging Centre, New Delhi September 2000 – October 2014
Clinical Fellow in Glaucoma
Glaucoma Imaging Centre
September 1997 – August 2000 Glaucoma Imaging Centre, New Delhi
Chief Consultant and Programme Director:
Prof. N. N. Sood
Formerly, Prof & Head
Glaucoma Services
Dr R. P Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi
and Founder President, Glaucoma Society of India
Administrative experience in glaucoma For the last 25 years Dr Sood has worked in various capacities – Clinical Fellow, Consultant, Senior Consultant and Director and progressively involved in the development of a tertiary level glaucoma centre in Northern India. Being an institution dedicated to the clinical entity of glaucoma, he was involved in the intricacies of putting together a team to provide clinical care, back office support, systems and protocols for glaucoma related medical and surgical treatments. Set up Glaucoma Clinic (1997 – 2004) at
Drishti Eye Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Rural Glaucoma Clinic (1998 – 2016) Kaithal, Haryana

Semi-Rural Glaucoma Clinic (1999 -2007) Karnal, Haryana

Semi-Rural Glaucoma Clinic (1999 -2010)
Panipat, Haryana



Training of ophthalmologists in glaucoma

Trained 3 long term fellows in glaucoma (2 years) 7 short term fellows (6 months)

Diagnostic experience in Glaucoma

He has personally handled all modern diagnostic equipment for glaucoma – including automated perimetry, fundus photography, gonio photography, anterior segment photography, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography and Optical Coherence Tomography and a wide variety of tonometers – Goldmann, non-contact tonometers, tonopen and the rebound tonometer.

Dr Sood has been one of the first users of the Heidelberg Retinal Tomography in India (since 1999), has routinely lectured in India and abroad on the intricacies of diagnosis and follow up with this instrument which has been an established diagnostic modality for glaucoma.

Experience in glaucoma studies / trials

With a database of 25,000 glaucoma patients, Dr Sood has been involved in the long term follow up of cases of glaucoma on medical, laser and surgical treatment and a number of studies in the country and abroad.

Surgical experience in glaucoma- trabeculectomies with and without antimetabolites

Surgery in glaucoma has passed through various stages. He has a personal experience of operating on over 10000 eyes (trabeculectomies with and without antimetabolites) in the last 25 years.

These include high risk cases with advanced glaucoma, previously failed glaucoma surgeries, cases of glaucoma with aphakia and pseudophakia, glaucoma following retinal detachment surgeries, keratoplasty and post inflammatory glaucoma.

This has involved not only applying the highest skills at the time of surgery but also managing problems arising out of surgery – shallow anterior chambers, failing blebs, leaking blebs and hypotony.



Paediatric glaucomas including new born and Infantile glaucoma

The glaucoma in this group is rare (an average ophthalmologist is likely to see a new case once in 5 years). Glaucoma in children is unique, as one does not see a large variety of cases. Surgery in children is different from that in adults and requires comprehensive care which includes working in tandem with neonatologists, paediatricians and anaesthetists.

Associated congenital and developmental anomalies (like Sturge Weber’s syndrome, Marfan’s syndrome, Weil Marchesanis syndrome, Peter’s anomaly, retinopathy of prematurity and aniridia) add to the problems. Also, surgical steps in children are different as compared to adults.

Having worked at a tertiary eye centre for glaucoma care, Dr Sood has operated on over 1100 cases of glaucoma in the neonatal and infantile age group. He has also been involved in presentations in conferences and publications in peer review literature, of diagnostic features and the steps of surgery in these cases. He has held instruction courses on these topics at national and international conferences.

Glaucoma and vitreoretinal problems

An increased incidence of neovascular glaucomas due to an increase in diabetic retinopathy, vascular problems with the eye and retinal procedures with vitrectomy necessitate an interaction with vitreoretinal surgeons. Intravitreal injections, diode lasers and cryosurgical procedure are being done in collaboration with vitreo retinal surgeons.

Glaucoma in corneal conditions and following ocular trauma

Interaction with corneal and ocular trauma surgeons is an integral part of management strategies for glaucoma, following keratoplasty and ocular trauma.

Dr Sood is referred patients for opinion in such cases. He has written chapters on glaucoma following keratoplasty and ocular trauma, in various books.

Combined cataract and glaucoma surgeries

Indications for combined cataract and glaucoma surgeries are undergoing a continuing change. Glaucoma with poor control and advanced cataract require combined surgeries. Techniques and skills for such surgeries are being constantly updated.

Lasers and glaucoma

Laser surgeries have revolutionised the treatment for angle closure glaucoma- an entity more common than open angle glaucoma in India. He has performed 10500 laser iridotomies in angle closure and is proficient with the various aspects of angle closure in pigmented Indian eyes. He has participated in panel discussions on intricacies of lasers in angle closure at national and international fora.

Glaucoma Fellow
L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

September 1996 – August 1997

Chief Consultant and Progamme Director: Dr. G. Chandra Sekhar Consultants: Dr. A. K. Mandal and Dr. Santosh Honavar

 Fellow General Ophthalmology / Tutor
  Aravind Eye Hospital and Postgraduate     
  and Postgraduate Institute of
  Ophthalmology, Madurai

   September 1995 – August 1996

  Chief Consultant and Programme Directors: Dr. G. Natchiar and Dr. R. Ramakrishna   Consultant: Dr. R. Krishnadas