Clinical Services: 
Adult and paediatric (childhood) glaucomas, refractory glaucomas, high risk and advanced glaucomas, glaucoma family screening.

Tonometery: Goldman applanation / Non-contact, Pachymetry (CCT), Gonioscopy – Goldmann two mirror and Sussman four mirror, Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM), Disc photograph (digital), Spectralis and Topcon Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Humphrey Visual fields.

Lasers: Nd YAG laser and Diode laser Trans Scleral Cyclo Photo Coagulation (TSCPC)

Microsurgery: For high risk glaucomas, paediatric (childhood) glaucomas, advanced glaucomas, valves / drainage devices and OLOGEN implant.